Jan 2022 collection is now finished. 2023 bookings will open in November.


Help! I cannot see the Check Out button on the shopping cart, what do I do?

You need to confirm that your postcode is valid for collection using the Zip/Postal Code Check Box. Enter your postcode and click Check. If we can collect from your area the Check Out button will appear. Unfortunately there are some postcodes that we are unable to collect from. Please contact help@collectmytree.co.uk if you continue to have issues.

I booked a tree in January 2021, and when you cancelled that collection, I asked you to hold my money as a pre-payment for collection in 2022. Do I need to book again?

If we're holding a payment from 2021, which you chose to defer to 2022 (rather than to give it to the Scout Group as a donation), we will contact you by email to make arrangements to collect your tree.  We will honour all pre-paid collections, even if they fall outside the area that we are collecting this year.  You do not need to book now. 

How many Christmas trees can you collect from me?

As many as you have! The donation is per tree. If you run a business and have a large number, please contact us on help@collectmytree.co.uk

Do I need to wait in for you?

No. Leave your tree outside by the end of Wednesday 5th January. Please include the What3Words location of your tree when you book to help us. This is especially useful if your house does not have a street number.

Do I need to chop up or wrap the tree?

No. Please leave your tree intact, but stripped of decorations. Please do not wrap it in anything.

What do I need to do once I’ve booked?

By the end of Wednesday 5th January, remove all tree decorations, lights, pots or stands. Leave your tree in an easily accessible location. Do not cut it up or wrap it in anything.

My tree has not been collected, what do I do?

For 2022, trees will be collected on Thursday 6th January, Friday 7th January or Saturday 8th January. If your tree has not been collected by 1pm on Saturday 8th January 2022, please email help@collectmytree.co.uk

Will you remind me of my booking?

Yes. We will send you a reminder email a few days before the collection.

When’s the last date that I can book?

To avoid disappointment we recommend you book as soon as possible. We have a limited capacity as we rely on volunteers. Booking will close when we are at capacity, or a few days before the collection date.

How can I help?

We welcome any help! If you’d like to get involved, you can volunteer your time or your vehicle to help with collections. Get in touch at help@collectmytree.co.uk

How do I pay?

Payment is done through Paypal. If you need to do a manual PayPal transaction, please send it to treasurer@westongreenscouts.org.uk referencing 1st line of your home address.

What if I can’t pay online?

We prefer online payments, but if you really can’t do this please get in touch with us at help@collectmytree.co.uk and we can discuss other arrangements.

I live outside of your postcodes, can I still use your service?

We're very sorry, but we can only collect from the postcodes listed on the home page.  Due to HGV driver shortages, we're able to collect fewer trees this year, and we're limiting our activity to a narrower region than in some years.  If you booked a tree for collection in January 2021 and we're holding your payment for a 2022 collection, we will contact you to arrange collection.

Do you collect at any other times?

This year we can only collect between Thursday 6th and Saturday 8th January 2022.  We cannot give a specific date for your tree collection, so please ensure your tree is out for collection by the evening of Wednesday 5th January.

Can I make an additional donation?

Of course you can! Either you can make an additional donation when booking your tree collection through this website or else make a manual PayPal transaction, to treasurer@westongreenscouts.org.uk referencing “Donation”.

Can I gift aid my tree collection donation?

Absolutely! All Scout groups are charities as recognised by the UK Charities Commission whether they are individually registered or not. However, since all electronic systems require charity numbers now, 1st Weston Green Scouts is processing its official standalone charitable status and notifying HMRC.

In the meantime, we have added the Gift Aid authorisation wording directly into the shopping cart items. This allows us to be transparent on what you are donating and that we are capturing your approval and address, as required by UK Charities law. Once we are a fully documented charity we will switch to direct Gift Aid workflow in this website.

How can I find out more about your Scout Group?

If you’re interested in learning more about 1st Weston Green Scout Group please visit our website.


What are the donations going towards?

We use the funds raised by collecting trees to keep our subscription fees at a level that all families in the area can afford, and to buy equipment and vehicles to allow young people to experience camping and other exciting outdoor adventures. 

Will you be running this service again?

Yes. This is our main annual fundraiser for our Scout group.

Do you supply Christmas trees?

We don't, but our neighbouring Scout groups do.

1st Hinchley Wood Scouts have been supplying Christmas Trees to the local area for over 30 years www.1sthwscouts.org.uk