Bookings for 9 / 10th Jan 2021 are CLOSED

1st Weston Green

Annual charity fundraising activity 9/10th Jan 2021

Tier 4 restrictions have closed our 2021 bookings.

Due to the recently announced restrictions in the Elmbridge/Surrey area we are closing our bookings whilst we assess our ability to carry out this activity for 2020/21 in a safe manner.

We will look to complete all current bookings and will be communicating to everyone that has booked with us to date but we may have to change the plan based on updated logistics and volunteer capacity.

Voluntary donations

We have partnered with PWYW (Pay What You Want) to capture any voluntary donations you wish to give on top of our collection through the tree selection.

Simply add an extra amount of money to your order when you select the tree collection and it will appear as a separate line in your checkout basket. This money is what we can claim gift aid on so please give what you can!

Thank you in advance for your continued support.